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Block I: The Ritual of the Gong and the Amniotic Universe (MPBI)
October 20-21 2018 1.1

January 19-20 2019 1.2


Block II: Symbiosis and Archaic Battle (MPB II and III)

April 6,7 2019 2.1

September 28,29 2019 2.2


Block III: Death and Rebirth and Integration Processes.

January 18,19 2020 3.1

April 4,5 2020 3.2


Block I: The Ritual of the Gong and the Amniotic Universe  (MPBI)

The Cosmos: Monochord and Overtone Singing











Block II: Symbiosis and Archaic Battle (MPB II and III)

Tanpura, Melodic instruments, Didgeridoo and Drums.










Block III: Death and Rebirth and Integration Processes.

Symphonic Gong and all other instruments.









Schedules: 9’30h to 13’30/14’30h and 16h to 19/20h.
Information and requirements _________________________________________________________________________________
All the people interested in the course will present a brief writing (in Spanish, Catalan or English), explaining his motivations to take this course, attaching also a brief biography or curriculum and picture, together in a word or pdf document. Send e-mail, together with the personal data to:
The seminars will be offered in Spanish or English translated to Spanish. The group will be open during the process of 6 fixed weekend, lasting 2 weekends each block, you can book for the 3 blocks or 1 block, and dates will be fixed. It is paid in advance, there is no refund if you miss any of the dates that you booked.

Previous experience in music or altered states of the consciousness can help but it is not necessary. Nevertheless it is important that there is interest and disposal for opening to discover the internal parts of oneself. In no case this course can replace the therapeutic assistance and each participant has to behave responsible of himself. The formation also includes a workshop of building an instrument (optional). In completing the 3 Blocks, we will give a diploma of assistance from Sound & Trance Institute.
During the course you will be able to book individual sessions or group therapy session, or music lessons , benefiting of a 25 % discount in all the activities.

Taking place at:
Espai Mandala
C/ pujada del parc of the castell, 13
08241 Manresa, Barcelona
Google Maps: Espai Mandala Manresa,
Carrer de la Pujada del Parc del Castell, 13, 08241 Manresa, Barcelona