Sound & Trance Formation

Here we present a training cycle in musictherapy and trancetherapy for personal, professional and spiritual development.


This course consists in 3 consecutive blocks over a period of 2 years with 3 weekend workshops per year; optionally, it can be extended with the construction of an instrument. It is conceived for therapists in general, (psychologists, musictherapists, psychotherapist, socialtherapists and arttherapists), and people who are searching a wider and spiritual approach to their own work in a therapeutical context. It also can be a good complement for musicians, artists, coaches, etc.

Clourse will be held in English, translated in Spanish.


The leading team is:

  • Dr. Peter Hess, psychiatrist, neurologist, musictherapist (Germany);
  • Heike Hess, holistic health practitioner, sound therapist (Germany); and
  • Joel Olivé, musictherapist, musician (Spain)


The sound and trance formation course is based on 30 years of experience and development in psychotherapy, psychiatry and musictherapy. Peter Hess has invented this new form of receptive music therapy, the so-called Gong Therapy. This is very similar to psychedelic therapy developed by Stanislav Grof and Richard Yensen (psychedelic = reveal / decode the soul) and shamanic rituals, but has the advantage that these experiences can be better integrated in our culture and society. Archaic instruments in sound trance create a connection with the roots of our own existence in the womb but also with the roots of humanity as a whole. This enables us to overcome the duality and leads to a new consciousness model through mindful awareness of the inner process.

Many people have experienced already altered states of consciousness through different methods like meditation, yoga, drugs, extreme sports, etc…but are not able to integrate theses experiences in their daily life. A central aim of our work is to help with this integration not only for exploring oneself or for healing others, but also to assist in the development of a new consciousness for our universe as a whole and the role of our planet in it.

Our belive is that the experience of alteres states through music may lead to more exploration of oneself and to find ways of liberation of the narrow minded ego without getting stuck in addiction or psychotic states.



Contents _____________________________________________________________________________________


Pracitical aspects :

  • Experience of altered states of counciousness through music
  • Self exploration through sound trance
  • Body work: Vibrational healing, body awareness
  • Shamanistic rituals in modern psycotherapy
  • Musical improvisation with all kind of instruments
  • Active musictherapy
  • Archaic instruments : playing techniques and understanding the effects
  • Overtone singing (harmonic chanting)
  • Breathwork


Theoretical aspects :

    • Difference between active and receptive musictherapy
    • Approach to a new form of music-psychotherapy (Gong-Ritual after Dr. P. Hess)
    • Bridge between psychotherapy and schamanism
    • Nada Yoga (sound yoga)
    • Spirituality in therapy
    • Perinatal matrices
    • Transpersonal psychology
    • Neurobiology
    • New scientific research about the effects of music and sound on the brain






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